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Evolutionary Waste To Energy

By Armech

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Downstream Municipal Solid Waste Management Project for Accra, Ghana

Armech Africa Ltd is part of the Armech Group, established in 1989 as a designer and manufacturer of modern industrial processes and specialist container products.  Armech invented the world’s largest bitumen container that changed the way Bitumen is transported around the world. Armech’s diverse range of international clients include UK MOD, Shell, Mobil, BP, Chevron, BHP, Lafarge, Accor, Veolia, Swire, Queensland Rail, Qatar Petroleum, Baker Hughes, BHP and FMG.Armech Africa Ltd is a project company developing an integrated waste management solution in Accra, Ghana with the intention of expanding this throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Armech Africa Ltd has the exclusive rights in Africa to the patented Tunnel Bio-Reactor, an innovative but simple adaption to existing technology which converts organic waste into electricity through Anaerobic Digestion (“AD”). The Tunnel Bio-Reactor is a modularized above-ground landfill that is set to transform Africa’s outdated waste management industry by doing away with landfills and creating the cleanest bio-energy from waste. Due to its modular nature, the Tunnel Bio-Reactor is ideal for Africa -> rapid-build, mobile, easily-scaled, simple to maintain and operate and long outlasts landfills. One Recycling Plant & Tunnel Bio-reactor can replace >10 landfills over a 50 year period.

Armech has the Technology to Replace Landfill Worldwide

Rex E. Michau, CEO

Reducing Water Table Contamination by addressing waste problems at source.

Andrew Quainoo, COO

Less Disease, Mosquitoes and Malaria by keeping our grounds, water and waterways clearner.

John Davidson, CFO

Africa’s Municipal Waste Burden

Antiquated Waste Management

Africa is facing a chronic waste and associated health problem – its rapidly urbanizing cities and explosive population, coupled with antiquated waste management, means the majority of it’s waste ends up in untreated landfill which then leaches into waterways and emits toxic methane into the air.  The balance (>20% in Accra) doesn’t make it to landfill and is disposed in the streets.

Litres Of Poisonous Leachate

300 Million litres of poisonous leachate will enter the water table of Accra from its legacy waste sites, which will create Cholera and Malaria epidemics as in the past. This is creating a huge political problem for African politicians, from Presidents down to Municipalities and will only get worse as city populations continue to expand.

Extreme Energy Deficit

Africa’s resource paradox is that it produces too much of a resource is doesn\’t want (waste) and too little of one it desperately needs (energy). Africa is facing an extreme energy deficit. The most expensively lined landfills in the world can leak and do not meet international spill containment regulations. Cost prohibits good practice.